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We offer a variety of treatments to help in your recovery.

Physical Therapy


Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The evidence supporting the benefits of pre surgical physical therapy is overwhelming. Outcomes and objective measures for success are far greater in surgical patients who have undergone some form of pre surgical habilitation. Patients often come to physical therapy before surgery unaware of the extent of their current condition. We work together to identify weaknesses in the affiliated areas and discover secondary weaknesses in other parts of the body. A patient may come to PT for a leg injury when we discover they have weakness in their core, which they will rely on tremendously in the post surgical rehab process. In addition, pre surgical physical therapy helps develops the strength and flexibility that are central to post-surgical recovery. Pre-hab is also a great time to improve endurance, which will come in handy on the road of post surgical rehabilitation.

Most common surgical procedures have standardized post op protocols. We set our standards high and model our protocols after the prestigious Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado. However a protocol is not a one size fits all. It will be modified and tailored to fit each individual according to their specific needs. This is where your physical therapist comes in, our therapists have studied for years to learn how to progress you at an appropriate rate to avoid re-injury or complications with recovery. There are four main stages of post surgical rehabilitation that we will help you through. First, protection of the surgical site, while re-introducing some movement. Second, is PRE: progressive resistance exercise. This is where we will start slow and work up to weight bearing. Third, you will recover function for tasks of daily life, sport and recreation.


Return to Sport

Are you an athlete that has been thrown off your game? We can help you get back into the action using our state of the art equipment and technology. We utilize real time video and slow motion capture to analyze gait and other sport specific movements. In working to return to sport, every case will have individual demands or benchmarks on your return to play. Regardless of what these demands may be, a main component will be evaluating tissue loading and the forces exerted through joints and muscles. For benchmarks in our testing,  we look to the experts and model our protocols after the Howard Head sports rehab clinic in Vail, Colorado.


Off Campus Program

Do you have a membership at a local gym or the rec center? We highly recommend ‘off campus’ appointments at any local gym or recreation center within your course of therapy. Our therapist will meet you at your gym to review your current gym program. This is intended to be a supplement to your progression in rehab at Ohana Physical Therapy.


Pool Therapy (Aqua/Hydro)

We offer physical therapy in water! The benefits are endless. If you are post surgical and have weight bearing restrictions, aqua therapy might be a good option for you. If you are deconditioned and need a little more assistance than gravity is willing to provide, the buoyancy of water to unload your joints may be a good tool for you. High level athletes looking to return to running or jumping may find the water helpful as a graduated level in their rehabilitation. Ask your therapist at your next visit if this might be a good option for you.


Personal Training

We offer personal training sessions and monthly gym memberships at a small additional cost for all patients who have completed a course of therapy at Ohana Physical Therapy. Once you are finished with therapy, take advantage of this perk and maintain the progress you have made through your hard work with us. We have a personal trainer on site M-F 8am-6pm. For details, pricing and to schedule appointments call the front desk or speak to Kaija at Ohana Physical Therapy.


Massage Therapy

We offer massage therapy to our patients for a cash pay price of $100 per hour with our therapist Andre Botha. Please speak to the front desk for scheduling and pricing.


Taping/Dry Needling/Cupping

Ask your physical therapist which of these is best for you!