Durango’s One Stop Shop Physical Therapy Clinic

What we do…

We fix mechanical pain by treating it and then preventing it from happening again.

We stand by your side every step of the way to help you heal physically with appropriate exercise, medical massage and mobilization techniques. When necessary, we use tools and equipment to aid in your care.

How we do it…

First, we help you find relief.

Then, together we identify the problem and agree to fix it.

Once the pain is managed and under control we restore your limitations of movement safely. We artfully combine scientific medical evidence with empathy from personal experiences of suffering. (We have been there too.)

Then, we work to recover lost physical function that you may currently have or lost function that is left over from previous injuries.

Finally (and most importantly), we teach you how to prevent this from happening again.

Stop recurrence. Treat it. Don’t repeat it.

~ Andre Botha

Why choose us?

Why choose Ohana PT versus ABC PT?
We provide a unique approach to healing in a  direct yet empathetic way. We have unrivaled experience from  owning  and operating  3  physical therapy clinics in Hawaii and in Colorado .
With health being the new wealth ,we recognize the demand for a high quality personal approach to get results. Owner Andre Botha grew up in South Africa and graduated from the University of Cape Town Medical School (where Chris Barnard performed the worlds first heart transplant) and then continued his education in Austria, France, England and finally the USA .  He completed the New Zealand based Mckenzie Method training and graduated with a diploma in mechanical diagnosis of the spine and extremities.  He also trained with Future Industrial Technologies which specializes in injury prevention in the work place. And,  after 28 years of working in outpatient orthopedic and neurological physical therapy, he has developed  insights into the most appropriate and realistic way to heal in a smooth, fun and  eclectic way.

How do we deliver care at Ohana Physical Therapy?

With a fresh approach! Expect to be pleasantly surprised by your rate of progress as measured by our practical markers on the timeline to rehabilitation and recovery.  We set  high standards and are known to be real task masters with sole purpose of getting you back to what you love sooner rather than later.   When you win, we win!  And we recognize the value in that.

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