The Path to Physical Therapy in Durango, Colorado

Starting Here & Now, Get Back To Your Life

We teach you how to control your pain, how to reduce your stiffness and how to strengthen your weakness. We teach you how to restore your balance, how to regain your flexibility, how to recover your endurance and, most importantly, how to get back to your life.

We teach, train, educate and coach you. We motivate and inspire you to get well while addressing your concerns and answering your questions.

We work in collaboration with the other health care professionals you have on your team. Be it a surgeon, family doctor, massage therapist, chiropractor or another specialist helping you inmprove your health.

Our Mission

To give you a phenomenal experience from your initial evaluation to your final visit. To send you off  confidently with independence and new habits that you will use for the rest of your life. We strive to be the very best physical therapy clinic in Durango and the Four Corners region!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy begins with avoiding invasive surgical procedures and eliminating addictive pain medications whenever possible.

We have the tools to treat you with hands on techniques in manual manipulation and joint mobilization. We use stretching, posture training, hot and cold therapy, dry needling, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, sound wave therapy, heart rate monitored training, breathing techniques, exercise and massage to guide you through your healing journey.

Kelli, Andre, and Kaija ~ Part of the Ohana Physical Therapy Team

Kelli, Andre, Gretchen and Kaija ~ Part of the Ohana Physical Therapy Team

What exactly is a Physical Therapist?

Simply put, a physical therapist is someone who performs physical therapy in order to treat what limits another person’s abilities to move and do things in their every day life. It is the treatment of disease, injury or disability to improve one’s quality of life. To do this, physical therapists use exercise, hands-on techniques, patient education and healing modalities. Physical therapy (or physiotherapy) plays an important role in the recovery of stroke patients,  cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and in helping children with cerebral palsy. Physical therapy has three main categories. They are orthopedic, neurological, and cardiorespiratory therapy. Sport physical therapists specialist in the strains and injuries common in athletes and physically active individuals.

How are we different from other physical therapy clinics?

  • We believe that laughter is the best medicine
  • We believe that an OHANA or family approach is the best way to succeed with supported coaching and training
  • We believe that communication is the key to success
  • We believe that anything is possible as long as you believe it is
  • We have real world experience treating patients in South Africa, The United States and Europe for over 25 years

Proud Members of the Following Organizations

American Physical Therapy Association
Thw McKenzie Institute
Future Industrial Technologies