Common conditions we treat

We treat common conditions that you may be suffering with.


Back Pain

You are not alone on this one . I personally suffered a paragliding accident in Africa resulting in a compression wedge fracture of my third lumbar vertebrae and have some serious and realistic insights into this epidemic currently plaguing our nation leading oftentimes to unnecessary , inappropriate and unsuccessful  surgery or worse to pain med addictions .
I trained at the highest level with the Mckenzie Institute international  ( see WWW. Mckenzie MDT, org ) on Back pain and neck pain in the method that is the most scientifically researched physical therapy modality used.
There are answers to the question and confusion about what is known as non specific lower back pain and I can help you understand them.


Neck Pain

This ailment not only messes  with your daily moving from point A to B but also interferes with the vital activity of sleep . The most common problem is difficulty with driving but the far majority of folks suffer with a low level ongoing stiffness or tightness they put up with daily maybe taking to odd over the counter med to get them through the day and ward of an associated looming headache but font address the cause of the pain. Come on in and get some answers to your confusion about why and where your pain is coming from and what to do about it.


Shoulder Pain

Being the most mobile joint in the body this affliction really upsets most peoples activity level and puts the kabash on biking, climbing, paddling , even backpacking but most importantly bucking hay. It is a complicated part of the body and is very abused by our inability to keep good posture almost as if we want to go back to walking on all fours again. The shoulder mainly has problems with the rotator cuff a very misunderstood group of small but vital muscles that act as dynamic ligaments. These 4 little muscles are almost forgotten by most gym rats but when they are conditioned and strengthened and lengthened appropriately it is amazing how well your shoulder can do, can be and can function again in sport and all activities of daily living, even sleeping on that achy shoulder wont wake you up. Come learn how to manage your shoulder pain. No pain no gain as it is often said, however understood pain better gain is more where I am coming from , work smart, not harder, work right and every little thing will be alright. Education is one thing , training is another and far better way forward faster. Tiger Woods has a coach. We can be yours.


Knee Pain

Anecdotally this injury of mine is what made me become a PT. I had a torn MCL and was not getting better and had a visit with the college PT who jump started me in one session and I had my life back almost immediately.  I have a special interest in the knee , the biggest joint in your body. a hinge essentially with a little lateral play and some hula rotation and other accessory glides multiplanar, with very strong ligaments that seem to be very often completely torn, huge muscles surrounding the knee joint on all sides. mostly tendinous on the surrounds of the joint line of the tibia femoral joint and a key player in the lower extremity chain from torso to when the foot hits the ground. Every one should have knee rehab as part of their weekly exercise regimen anyway. so important for all major daily activities such as squatting down, lunging , stepping up a  big boulder , pedaling a bike uphill in one speed, running a marathon or snowboarding a steep off piste backcountry powder chute.


Ankle and foot pain

Even if you don’t have foot pain you should consider doing the excersices I recommend for most ankle and foot pain, to be comprehensive you can never neglect one part of the foot or ankle in any of the conditions and afflictions folks suffer with such as sprains, strains, giving way, stiff, weak, after surgery, all these need to regain all of the functions of the foot and ankle and thus all get to do the same routine of flexibility  strength, proprioception, balance ROM, power and endurance, gait and higher level skipping and jumping.


Elbow pain and wrist / hand pain

The whole body cannot ever be separated and we always go back to basics for any of the upper extremities conditions,
Mostly a mechanical diagnosis and treatment is very specific and accurate and treatable.