Project Description

Knee Pain

Anecdotally this injury of mine is what made me become a PT. I had a torn MCL and was not getting better and had a visit with the college PT who jump started me in one session and I had my life back almost immediately.  I have a special interest in the knee , the biggest joint in your body. a hinge essentially with a little lateral play and some hula rotation and other accessory glides multiplanar, with very strong ligaments that seem to be very often completely torn, huge muscles surrounding the knee joint on all sides. mostly tendinous on the surrounds of the joint line of the tibia femoral joint and a key player in the lower extremity chain from torso to when the foot hits the ground. Every one should have knee rehab as part of their weekly exercise regimen anyway. so important for all major daily activities such as squatting down, lunging , stepping up a  big boulder , pedaling a bike uphill in one speed, running a marathon or snowboarding a steep off piste backcountry powder chute.