Project Description

Pre and Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The evidence supporting the benefits of pre surgical physical therapy is overwhelming. Outcomes and objective measures for success are far greater in surgical patients who have undergone some form of pre surgical habilitation. Patients often come to physical therapy before surgery unaware of the extent of their current condition. We work together to identify weaknesses in the affiliated areas and discover secondary weaknesses in other parts of the body. A patient may come to PT for a leg injury when we discover they have weakness in their core, which they will rely on tremendously in the post surgical rehab process. In addition, pre surgical physical therapy helps develops the strength and flexibility that are central to post-surgical recovery. Pre-hab is also a great time to improve endurance, which will come in handy on the road of post surgical rehabilitation.

Most common surgical procedures have standardized post op protocols. We set our standards high and model our protocols after the prestigious Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colorado. However a protocol is not a one size fits all. It will be modified and tailored to fit each individual according to their specific needs. This is where your physical therapist comes in, our therapists have studied for years to learn how to progress you at an appropriate rate to avoid re-injury or complications with recovery. There are four main stages of post surgical rehabilitation that we will help you through. First, protection of the surgical site, while re-introducing some movement. Second, is PRE: progressive resistance exercise. This is where we will start slow and work up to weight bearing. Third, you will recover function for tasks of daily life, sport and recreation.